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Because of your Standard of Excellence, we would like to award you the Literary Award for Excellence.
--John Weaver,

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Whether you need full-scale content revision or final proofreading to check your grammar and to put the commas in the right places, we are here for you.

Our content editing, copy editing (proofreading), and document analysis services will help you write well, communicate effectively, and improve your image.

Unique, targeted services are available for

  • students submitting graduate-level coursework,
  • authors preparing manuscripts for publication,
  • business writers developing documents for their organization, and
  • private individuals.

Students, Authors, and Business Professionals, use the menu bar above for more information on specific services, and contact us if you need something special.

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Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing is now available in paperback. Target audiences are graduate students and professionals. Also available in PDF and Kindle versions.
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We wrote 3 new writing guides this summer: The Essential Writing Guides series. Each ebook focuses on one or two essential topics to give you the clear, focused assistance you need to improve your writing. The books are Perfect Paragraphs and Super Sentences, Strategies for Concise Writing, and Common Sense Guide to Grammar and Punctuation. Available in PDF and Kindle versions.
Learn more about these guides. (external link)

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