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Because of your Standard of Excellence, we would like to award you the Books-And-Authors.net Literary Award for Excellence.
--John Weaver,

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Precise Edit as an Industry Expert

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Precise Edit has helped many writers of articles for professional publications, magazines, and trade journals. We can help your manuscript be  clearly written, logically organized, and compelling.

Typical Services and Base Rates

Basic Support, $11.50/page

  • Edit for clarity, concision, and organization
  • Proofread the manuscript
  • Edit any supplementary text (your bio, abstract, etc.)
  • Format the manuscript according to publisher guidelines 

Proofreading, $4.95/page

  • Proofread the manuscript prior to submission
  • Correct any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage
  • Format the manuscript according to publisher guidelines

Table Formatting (first three are free with other services), $1.50 per table

  • Reformat headings and text
  • Resize cells for consistency and professional appearance
  • Re-label/Re-caption as necessary


1 page = 300 words; only actual story text is considered in the page count.