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Because of your Standard of Excellence, we would like to award you the Books-And-Authors.net Literary Award for Excellence.
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Precise Edit Mission

Provide clients with the highest quality editing and document preparation services, quickly and at a reasonable price.

What we do for you

We give you the confidence that your writing will improve your image and demonstrate your professionalism.

If you want to

    • sell more books,
    • improve academic grades,
    • increase revenue,
    • communicate critical information,
    • demonstrate professional credibility,
    • communicate with a broader audience,
    • receive grant funds, or
    • get a new job,

Precise Edit is the editorial service provider for you. We are on your team, working hard to help you accomplish your goals.

Our core values

Precise Edit has three core values that govern what we do and how.

    1. Treat each client as the most important client, whether the job is $5 or $5,000.
    2. Strive to provide the best services and skills to those who communicate in writing.
    3. Treat our customers, employees, free-lancers, and contractors with respect.

By following these values, Precise Edit has a 90% return rate by our clients. Let us show you why our clients keep coming back.

The history of Precise Edit

Precise Edit officially began business in 2003 to assist state universities prepare grant proposals and has since provided services to clients across the globe. Precise Edit offers high quality editing and document preparation services to a wide variety of clients.

David Bowman, owner and chief editor


David Bowman received his Bachelor’s degree in Education and Communication Arts from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s degree in English from the University of California-Irvine; and an Executive Master’s in Business Administration from the Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico.

David Bowman has provided editing services since 1992. He teaches writing courses for the University of New Mexico and has published  7 books on effective writing. Following a teaching career with the Bureau of Indian Education, he was a program administrator for the New Mexico State Department of Education, director of multiple federally funded grant programs, and executive director for one regional and one international non-profit organization.