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What types of manuscripts do you work on?

Precise Edit can assist you with fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, both book-length manuscripts (novels, nonfiction books, etc.) and articles.

Whether your manuscript is 5 pages or 500 pages, we can help you prepare your manuscript for publication.

Manuscript Polishing, $8.50/page

  • Make minor content revisions (line edits) to improve reader engagement and understanding, content / character consistency; style and tone; and overall language use
  • Proofread the manuscript
  • Edit any supplementary text (your bio, jacket text, etc.)
  • Format the manuscript according to publisher guidelines

Comprehensive Support, $14.00/page

  • Analyze and review the manuscript, with follow-up discussions with you on manuscript needs
  • Revise, edit, and proofread the manuscript, addressing both macro and micro editing issues
  • Develop and write content to address manuscript needs and gaps, at your direction following discussion
  • Write or edit the book summary
  • Edit any supplementary text (your bio, jacket text, etc.)
  • Format the manuscript according to publisher guidelines
  • Edit the publisher query/submission letter
  • Provide additional support as needed

Proofreading, $4.95/page

  • Proofread the manuscript prior to submission, using our 3-step quality process
  • Correct any errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage
  • Format according to standard conventions

1 page = 300 words; only manuscript text is considered in the page count.

The following services are for manuscripts of 40 pages or more.

Editorial Review and Feedback

Are you looking for feedback to improve your manuscript? If you are confident in your writing but just want a second opinion on the content, this is the service for you. Precise Edit can provide global recommendations on your manuscript, as well as embed comments, recommendations, and questions within the text–which you can use to guide your revision.

Precise Edit provides feedback to help you strengthen the overall story. We consider plot structure, characterization, flow and pacing, supportive narration—basically all issues that draw your readers into the story, keep them reading, and leave them satisfied when done. We also offer you final story polishing, the detail work on a novel that can be most intensive, as well as copy editing and proofreading. Free consultation is available with any service.

Nonfiction Books
Nonfiction can be a powerful medium for communicating your ideas, information, and beliefs, but they must be written well to be effective. The information must be credible and logically organized, and the ideas must be justified and easy to understand. Precise Edit can help you meet these criteria so your readers will have the benefit of your knowledge.