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Services for Graduate Students

Most graduate students struggle to express themselves in writing, yet your course grades and, perhaps, your degree depend on submitting high-quality papers. Your papers must be credible, clear, well-organized, and academic. You write the papers, and we make them great.

For more than 20 years, Precise Edit has helped graduate students accomplish their academic and career goals. We have a 100% return rate among graduate students who use our services. We assist with terminal degree papers (i.e., dissertations and theses) and class papers, helping students like you submit quality papers, get good grades, and earn their degrees. If you need the support that academic editing provides, contact us.


Revise your paper:

  • organize information logically, ensuring transitions for a coherent presentation of the information;
  • present ideas clearly, rewriting sentences and paragraphs as needed to ensure understanding;
  • convey information in an academic tone and style befitting graduate-level writing;
  • ensure that the information is internally consistent and accurate;
  • create an overall impression of academic excellence; and
  • proofread (for proofreading alone, see below).

Cost: $9.78 per page (1 page = 300 words)



Ensure your paper meets academic writing standards:

  • Correct errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage;
  • Apply the required style guide (e.g., APA, MLA) to text, figures and tables, margins, and headings; and
  • Format the document for submission.

Cost: $4.95 per page (1 page = 300 words)


Citation review

Correct your references:

  • Revise and reformat reference entries according to the required style guide; and
  • confirm that in-text citations are paired with reference list items, and vice versa.

Cost $1.25 per reference list entry


Table Formatting

Fix your tables and make them consistent:

  • Reformat headings and text;
  • Resize cells for consistency and professional appearance; and
  • Re-label and re-caption, as necessary.

Cost: First 5 tables are free with editing and proofreading, additional tables are $1.50 per table